How to apply eyeshadow perfectly for the beginners

Are you new in the world of makeup and want to learn from basic to advance then, you are at the right place. Here in this website, we try our best to provide you all the knowledge about applying makeup and its products so, that you can learn and become a great and expert makeup artist. As you know there is variety of courses you will get in institutes but, they charge high fees for it. If, you want to learn it with paying any cash then, you should stay connected with our website. Today, I’m going to share with you some easy ways for how to apply eyeshadow perfectly for the beginners.

Makeup brushes that you need to apply eyeshadow perfectly:

First of all, it is important for you to learn the use of right makeup brushes at right time. So, here are the brushes that are needed to apply eyeshades.

  1. Flat stiff brush:

    apply eyeshadow perfectly

While starting applying eyeshadow, it is necessary for you to have this flat stiff brush. It is use to apply eyeshades on the eyelid and under the lower lash line as well. If, you want to make glittery eyes then, this brush will help you to pick a glitter and stick to your eyelid.


  1. Pencil brush:

apply eyeshadow perfectly

Pencil brush will help you to apply the shade onto the lower lash line. It is best if, you want to create a soft and decent eye look. To create a soft crease line, you can use pencil brush. It works best on the area of the eyes where you want to create intensity like outer corner of the eye.


  1. Stiff dome brush:

apply eyeshadow perfectly

Stiff dome brush is used to blend the eyeshadow perfectly. Especially, it is useful when, you are using more than one color of eyeshades and want to blend them perfectly without mixing two shades with each other and want to create a smooth transition.


  1. Fluffy dome brush

apply eyeshadow perfectly

Fluffy dome brush is just used for blending the shades properly. It will help you to achieve perfect and smooth transition. So, use it and apply eyeshadow perfectly.


Step by step tutorial for how to apply eyeshadow perfectly:

  1. Prime eye and clean up brow:

How to apply eyeshadow perfectly-1



2. Apply pro concealer on your eyelid

How to apply eyeshadow perfectly-2



3. Start applying eyeshadow as shown in video

How to apply eyeshadow perfectly-3



4. Blend the shades properly.

How to apply eyeshadow perfectly-4



5. Finish the look with eyeliner and eyelashes.

How to apply eyeshadow perfectly-5



Here is the video tutorial for how to apply eyeshadow perfectly:

If, you are a beginner then, this article will surely help you to wash out your skills so, must try this tricks and tips. If, you successfully learn the makeup basics then, you can create beautiful eyes in minutes. Stay in touch with and don’t forget to give your feedback so, that we can improve our website to better.

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