Bathroom decoration ideas with blue and white

Bathroom is the place of a house that should be clean all the time. The color theme of the rooms matters a lot to make a house look beautiful so, here are some amazing ideas to decorate your bathroom with blue and white color.

  1. Stylish bathroom design:

1.	Stylish bathroom design

If, you want to make your bathroom stylish then, add more striking and combine dark blue shade with white.


  1. Light blue and white bathroom design:

2.	Light blue and white bathroom design

All shades of blue look cool and refreshing try this beautiful light blue shade combination with white.


  1. Add a touch of black:

3.	Add a touch of black

You can add some black color to wall or flash with blue and white color to make it look more stylish.


  1. Designing walls:

4.	Designing walls

You can make little flowers patterns on the bathroom walls. It will add some style to your bathroom.


  1. Dark blue wall with white floor:

5.	Dark blue wall with white floor

Check another unique decoration idea, you will definitely love it.


  1. Amazing wallpaper:

6.	Amazing wallpaper

It is trendy to make wallpapers on the walls of bathroom.


  1. Printed floor:

7.	Printed floor

The printed designing floor with simple white walls and flash is awesome idea isn’t?



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