Homemade prickly heat powder by umm e raheel

In this hot summer season, Mostly children, women get affected by pimples, prickly heat and skin allergy. To cure all these skin issues, you need to try this amazing homemade prickly heat powder by umm e raheel. So, there is no need to use any cream or medicines, just follow the method below and prepare your prickly heat powder at home.

Homemade prickly heat powder by umm e raheel

Things you will need:

  • Powder of Grewia asiatica seeds
  • China Clay
  • Mint extract (menthol)
  • Tea tree essential oil


  • Add one tablespoon of grewia asiatica seeds powder in a bowl. (To make a powder of grewia asiatica, you need to put the seeds into the blender and blend it properly till it converts into a powder form)
  • Add two tablespoons of china clay and one-fourth tablespoons of mint extract.
  • Add three tablespoons of tea tree essential oil.
  • Mix all the ingredients properly to make a prickly heat powder.
  • After every bath, you need to apply this powder on your body.
  • Whenever, you feel prickly heat on your body, you can apply this powder and get a cooling effect.
  • It can be use by children as well.

To keep your body cool in this summer must use this homemade prickly heat powder regularly.

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