How to apply glitter makeup without looking like a disco ball

Do you love glittery makeup but, don’t know how to apply it elegantly without looking like a disco ball. Then, ladies get ready for the beautiful glittery eyes and cheeks because here are some amazing techniques and step by step instructions to get lovely glittery look.

  1. Glitter eyes:


  • Step-1: first, you need to apply base shadow all over the lid to the brow bone.
  • Step: 2 create a definition: Now, you need to create a definition by taking a medium and beige  and then, apply it to crease. You should blend it properly.
  • Step: 3 create a highlight: Apply a shimmery eye shadow to inner corner and bow bone of the eye.
  • Step: 4 now, apple cream shimmer shade to the lid as a base.
  • Step: 5 apply the lose glitter over the cream eye shadow and blend it into the crease.
  • Step: 6 apply thin eyeliner.
  • Step: 7 put false eye lashes and apply mascara.
  • Step: 8 then, apply glitter to the lower lid of the eye followed by eyeliner.
  • Step: 9 to give a finishing look apply some glitter on brow bone.

  1. Awesome glitter cheeks:

Get glitter cheeks by applying NYX glitter prime with your fingers or brush.

  1. Beautiful glitter lips:


Things you will need:

  • Use lipstick of Anna Sui lipstick in 401
  • Take lit cosmetics holographic glitter in S2 heartbreaker fine, makeup grade glitter
  • Lip brush or cotton swab


  • First apply lipstick of Anna SUI lipstick in 401.
  • Now, apply fine makeup grade glitter of lit cosmetics in S2 heartbreaker by using lip brush or cotton swab.
  • Try to apply lipstick neatly to have a beautiful glittery lips.









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