How to grow your nails faster naturally

Beautiful long nails are important to enhance the beauty of your hands. If, you are worried of your slow nails growth then, you must try these amazing tips and remedies to grow your nails faster naturally.

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  1. The cuticle massage:

Your nails need a massage to grow healthy and faster. So, massage in cuticle direction as shown in video. It will improve blood circulation and makes the growth of nails faster.

  1. Exercise for faster nails growth:

Watch video to learn the right ways of doing hands exercise that, will help you to increase the growth of nails.


  1. Push back the cuticles:

Cuticles stuck on nails and make the growth of nails slow so, you need to make the area free as shown in video.

How to grow your nails faster naturally


  1. Moisturize the cuticles:

Dry cuticles makes the nails growth slow so, keep them moisturize by using any good quality moisturizer.


  1. Nail shaping:

Well shaped nails balance the pressure on the nerves and this allow the nails growth faster.


  1. Right nail polish:

Use the calcium base coat to make the nails stronger, longer and healthy.

  1. Avoid nails spray:

Try to avoid the use of nails spray because, it makes your nails weak.




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