How to make a beaded necklace at home

Jewellery makes you look attractive and elegant. It is a fun to create your own jewellery with your hands. Well, you can make it at home if; you are creative and love to play with stones, beats and pearls. Today, I’m going to share with you an amazing tutorial of how to make a beaded necklace easily at home. If, soon you have to attend a wedding and want to look different and stylish then, create a unique and beautiful necklace now with the help of this article. You can get all the things easily from the market that is used to make this necklace so, let’s start…


How to make a beaded necklace

Things you will need:

  • Big white beads 10 mm – 77
  • white small beads 7mm – 22
  • pearl in pear shaped 12x8mm – 15
  • few golden beads 1mm – 49
  • nylon wire or crystal line fish thread about  2 meter
  • one gold chain
  • Jump ring
  • Clasps
  • Wire cutter and round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Headpins
  • Eye head pins


  1. First, you need to take big white beads and put it into the nylon wire as shown in video.
  2. Cut the nylon wire in a circle shape. Do it, same with the small white beads.
  3. Once, you done with all the beads then take pearl and start adding them into the wire as shown in video.
  4. Now, you just need to combine all the small, big white beads together to make a perfect beaded necklace.
  5. Once you completed adding the beads together, it’s ready to wear.


Here is the complete video tutorial for how to make beaded necklace at home:

No doubt, it is easy to create beaded necklace at home if, you watch video and follow each and every step properly. The aim of shingmag is to present tutorials that will help you and increase your knowledge. A person should be creative and have interest to make jewellery at home. The benefit of learning the tricks and skills to make jewellery at home is that, you can make sell it and establish a great profitable business. There are many platforms in online field where, you can sell your products so, keep learning and improve your skills. Hopefully, you like this video and please don’t forget to share and give your feedback. Stay connected with for more interesting tutorials, tips and techniques to make your own jewellery at home.





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