Top 10 Beauty hacks that you should know

If, you want to make your life easy and smooth then, check out these top 20 beauty hacks. It is guaranteed that, if you try these beauty hacks then, you will take less time to get ready for the day out with friends or parties.

  1. Interesting volumized lashes hack:

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much mascara you apply on your lashes, it gets clumpy so, to avoid this problem if, you dust a little powder on your lashes after applying mascara then, you can have  along lashes whole day without any issue.


  1. Hack for fan brush:

You don’t have fan brush and worried then, try this amazing hack. Just take a bobby pin and fit it as shown in image above.


  1. Cool glue gun brush cleaner hack:

OMG! A #DIY brush cleaning board? Never knew you can make it just by using stick glues and a clip board! You ought to try it too!

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It is amazing hack must do it at home.


  1. Broken lipstick hack:

Revive your broken lipsticks with these methods! #MakeupTutorials

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Checkout how, you can use broken lipstick.

  1. Amazing koolaid lipstain beauty hack:

Check out @voguemagazine Snapchat Discover for the step by step 💋 #ohyeah #koolaid #lipstain #diy

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It is amazing and interesting, you can try it.


  1. Winged eyeliner bobby pin hack:

You can apply perfect winged eyeliner with the help of bobby pin.


  1. Cute ponytail hack:

Try this cute ponytail hack.


  1. Get perfect nail art with bobby pin:

You want perfect nail art then, try this bobby pin hack.


  1. Turn your liner into gel liner hack:

To convert your pencil liner into gel then, try this beauty hack.

  1. Cool bikini hack:

Try this cool bikini hack. It is really very helpful.




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