Top 10 celebrities tell you how to style crown braids hairstyle

Nowadays, braided hairstyles are very famous among the girls. Crown braid is one of the best braids that look so trendy and beautiful. If, you still have no experience with crown braid then, check out the pictures of following amazing celebrities to get some awesome ideas to style such types of braid hair look.

  1. Emma Watson crown braid hairstyle:

1. Emma Watson crown braid hairstyle

She is an attractive personality and her fan loved to follow her dressing and hairstyles. So, check out how beautifully, she styles the crown braid.


  1. Drew Barrymore crown braid hairstyle:

Drew Barrymore crown braid hairstyle

Drew Barrymore is looking very pretty in black dress and the way, she style crown style is mind blowing.


  1. Holland Roden crown braid hairstyle:

Holland Roden crown braid hairstyle

It’s really an amazing idea to style crown braid in a heart shape as made by Holland Roden in image below. The pink dress with romantic hair look is adorable.


  1. Hayley Atwell Crown braid hairstyle:

Hayley Atwell Crown braid hairstyle

She is looking stunning in crown braid hair style.


  1. Constance Wu crown braid hairstyle:

Constance Wu crown braidhairstyle

Constance Wu crown braid is perfect. In black hair the braid is looking more attractive and gorgeous.


  1. Emma Robert crown braid hairstyle:

Emma Robert crown braid hairstyle

Are you confused about your summer hair do? If, yes then, check out Emma Robert crown braid hairstyle, it much be your 1st choice for summers because, it is fabulous.


  1. Rachel Mcadams crown braid hairstyle:

Rachel Mcadams crown braid hairstyle

Learn how to pair glitter white dress from Rachel Mcadams by styling crown braid hairstyle.


  1. Jennifer Lawrence crown braid hairstyle:

Jennifer Lawrence crown braid hairstyle

Check out the way of styling Jennifer Lawrence crown braid hairstyle.


  1. Julianne Hough crown braid hairstyle:

Julianne Hough crown braid hairstyle

Julianne Hough made the braid without bangs and she apply light makeup to pair this hair look perfectly.


  1. Dianna Agron crown braid hairstyle:

Dianna Agron crown braid hairstyle

She made the double crown braid and looking beautiful. Dianna Agron is wearing dimple pink dress with light pink makeup to pair the look perfectly.

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