Top 10 gorgeous hairstyles for long hair

Mostly girls love to have long silky hair but, difficult to carry. You need to learn some easy and beautiful hairstyles so, that you can handle your long hair perfectly. Today, we will share top 10 gorgeous hairstyles for long hair that are very easy to make and you will definitely love them.

  1. Loose braided hairstyle tutorial:

1.	Loose braided hairstyle tutorial

This loose braided hairstyle is awesome for parties and occasions.


  1. Twisted bun hairstyle tutorial:

2.	Twisted bun hairstyle tutorial

If, you have short time and want to rush quickly at your workplace or party then, you can make this twisted bun hairstyle because it will take your 2minutes only.


  1. Beautiful curly braid updo hairstyle:

3.	Beautiful curly braid updo hairstyle

If, you have curly hair then, you must go for this gorgeous curly braid updo hairstyle.


  1. Tuck and cover French braid hairstyle:

4.	Tuck and cover French braid hairstyle

It is one of the best hairstyles for long hair. You can make it easily at home.


  1. The romantic roll hairstyle:

If, you have a date with your boyfriend and you want to look beautiful then, make this romantic roll hairstyle.


  1. Tousled twisted hairstyle:

6.	Tousled twisted hairstyle

The tousled twisted hairstyle is unique and trendy hair look.


  1. Low rolled bun hairstyle:

7.	Low rolled bun hairstyle

The low rolled bun hairstyle is best for summer and it look awesome with shorts and jeans.


  1. Messy bun hairstyle:

8.	Messy bun hairstyle

It is casual messy bun hairstyle that will make you feel comfortable and relax.


  1. Half up fishtail braid hairstyle:

9.	Half up fishtail braid hairstyle

Half up fishtail braid hairstyle is very easy to make and you will look stylish with it.


  1. Faux fishtail braid hairstyle:

10.	Faux fishtail braid hairstyle

Try this faux fishtail braid hairstyle if, you want to look beautiful.



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