Top 10 hair color ideas and awesome highlighted hairstyles for women

If, you love to have short hair and want some stylish hairstyle and hair color for it then, check out these amazing top 10 hair color ideas that, you will definitely want to get right now.

  1. Pink tinted blonde bob hairstyle:

1.	Pink tinted blonde bob hairstyle

It is one of the stylish hairstyles for short hair. The pink tined blonde on it, is looking awesome.


  1. Purple tinted blonde bob hairstyle:

2.	Purple tinted blonde bob hairstyle

The purple steaks is highlighted the entire hair in ribbon is beautiful.


  1. Singular stripe color idea:

3.	Singular stripe color idea

Checkout this bob hair cut with singular streaks on it is mind blowing.


  1. Vivid pixie hairstyle:

4.	Vivid pixie hairstyle

A choppy, layered pixie with a shaved undercut and a lot of hair on front along with highlights is enough to make you look stylish and cool.

  1. Cherry brown bob hairstyle:

5.	Cherry brown bob hairstyle

The cherry highlights on brown hair is looking quit delicious isn’t?


  1. Braided up-do hairstyle:

6.	Braided up-do hairstyle

If, you want to play with colors like pink, mint green, and red then, this look is perfect for you.


  1. Choppy purple layers:

7.	Choppy purple layers

It is just wow. The choppy layers with purple streaks on it are looking beautiful.

  1. Short hair hairstyle with subtle highlights:

8.	Short hair hairstyle with subtle highlights

This look with subtle highlights is one of the best and trendy hairstyles.

  1. Caramel curls hairstyle:

 9.	Caramel curls hairstyle

The combination of caramel and brown hair is one of the shiniest styles you have seen.

  1. Curls with pink streaks:

10.	Curls with pink streaks

The short curly hair with pink streaks is looking so stylish and elegant.



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