Top 10 pretty bracelets for all the gorgeous girls

Pretty bracelets play a very important role to give a sweet and elegant touch of style in your personality. They are not so heavy but, still look beautiful.   The bracelets are also a sign of friendship therefore; the friends wear similar bracelets to show the world that they are besties. Nowadays, DIY bracelets are also loved by many girls.  Today, we bring variety of bracelets for you; all are awesome and easily available in the market. Our collection also includes bracelets that are made with precious stones and metals. Let’s have a look below.

  1. Elegant bracelet with watch:

1. Elegant bracelet with watch:

It is one of the amazing bracelets that, many girls wish to have. The watch style make it different from others.


  1. Love bracelet:

2. Love bracelet:


If, you want to express your love to someone whether he/she is your boyfriend/girlfriend then, to gift this amazing love bracelet is the perfect way.


  1. Decent bracelet:

Decent bracelet:

This look of bracelet is for simple but stylish girls.


  1. The friendship bracelet:

4. The friendship bracelet:

The love of friends is precious. To make your friend feel special, you can gift her/him a beautiful friendship bracelet.


  1. Colorful bracelet:

5. Colorful bracelet:

If, you love colors then, try this bracelet.


  1. Simple bracelet:

6. Simple bracelet:

This type of bracelets is made up of colorful threads. They look awesome and stylish.


  1. The stone bracelet:

7. The stone bracelet:

It contains stones in it that, look mind blowing.


  1. Black bracelet:

8. Black bracelet:

As you know, the black color has its own charm that, no other color beat it. So, let’s wear blacl bracelet to look gorgeous and stylish.


  1. Beautiful beats and pearl bracelet:

Beautiful beats and pearl bracelet:

It is very beautiful bracelet that, goes perfect with formal occasions.


  1. Metal bracelet:

10. Metal bracelet:

If, you want to look stylish and attractive then, go for metal bracelets.



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