Top 10 wonderful nail art ideas all girls must try

Beauty is not limited to face only, to look stunning it is important to make your hands, hair and feet look as much pretty as your face. Therefore, here are the top 10 wonderful nail art ideas that you must try girls.

  1. White and skin color with glitter nail art:

If, you want to give your nails some natural look then, try this one.


  1. Pink glitter nail art:

It is another awesome nail art that, you will love to try.


  1. Different colors nail art:

If, you want to play with colors then, go for this nail art.

  1. White nail polish art:

It is very decent and natural nail art that, you will love to apply.


  1. Mate colors with glitter:

The combination of mate pink nail polish with glitter is looking awesome.


  1. Blue and black color nail art:

Blue and black is best pair of colors to make a beautiful nail art.


  1. Lovely nail art:

It is amazing nail art and very easy to make.


  1. Rainbow nail art:

The rainbow colors rain art is awesome that, you should try it.

  1. Nail art with red color:

Mostly girls love red color and if, you are one of them then, this nail art is surely your first choice.


  1. Heart nail art:

The silver nail polish as a base and a cute small heart on it is looking so beautiful.





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