Top 15 Amazing ideas to apply lipsticks as a pro

Wow, it is such a nice day today isn’t? The breeze is soft and the sun is shines. In this pleasant weather, it’s a right time to try some new lipstick. So, girls what color you decided to pick up for your lipstick today, Dark, soft or light tones? Well, you still confused and didn’t choice it yet then, no worries because, today’s article is all about the ideas that, will help you to apply lipsticks as a pro.

Here are the 15 tips and tricks to use lip liners, lip balm and lipsticks perfectly. Check out the tutorials and learn to apply it as a pro.

  1. Easy way to shape your lips:

Easy way to shape your lips

Check out the amazing and interesting tutorial of how to shape your lips perfectly. The image with complete instructions is mention below.


  1. How to keep lipstick last:

How to keep lipstick last

Learn how to keep lipstick last from the image above.


  1. Make your lipstick last for 8 hours:

Make your lipstick last for 8 hours

Mostly, girls are complaining that, they are unable to make their lipstick stay for long hours. So, you should check the image below to learn the way to make it stay for 8 hours.


  1. Gorgeous perfect pink lips:

Gorgeous perfect pink lips

Nothing can compare the pink color. It is unique and looks decent and beautiful.


  1. Soft and natural lip trick:

Soft and natural lip trick

It is amazing trick to get a natural lip color.


  1. Amazing gradient lips:

Amazing gradient lips

I personally, love gradient lip because; it will give you so soft and natural look.


  1. Glam red lip tutorial:

Glam red lip tutorial

The red lip color is awesome and goes perfectly with weddings and other formal events.


  1. Beautiful simple lips:

Beautiful simple lips

This lip look is simple and beautiful. You must try it.


  1. Elegant and decent lip tutorial:

Elegant and decent lip tutorial

It is another amazing lipstick tutorial. You will definitely love it.


  1. Glossy lip tutorial:

Glossy lip tutorial

If, you don’t like dry lip colors then, you must go with glossy lip tutorial.


  1. Bright orange lip tutorial:

Bright orange lip tutorial

The orange color in lipsticks is very in nowadays. So, try it.


  1. Pink lips tutorial:

Pink lips tutorial

This is beautiful pink shade. You will definitely go mad for it.


  1. Contour lipstick tricks:

Contour lipstick tricks

Try this easy contour lipstick tricks and get a stunning lips.


  1. Rock glitter lips:

Rock glitter lips

The glitter lips will make you feel beautiful so, try it now.


  1. Ombre lips tutorial:

15.	Ombre lips tutorial

It’s time to give your lips a new look by amazing Ombre lips tutorial.

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