Top 5 benefits of Carom seeds for health

Carom seeds are one of the amazing spices that are available in your kitchen. It not only adds taste to your meal but, it contains numerous health benefits.  Carom seeds also famous as Bishop’s weed. It has bitter flavour and it’s similar to oregano herb. Carom seeds are also used in making pickles and curries. You can cure many health problems with the help of this herb. It is very popular for maintaining your digestive system. If, you are suffering from stomach pain, burning sensation, abdominal pain and loss of appetite then, start eating carom seeds and get magical results.

Top 5 benefits of Carom seeds for health

  1. Get relief from indigestion and acidity problem:

If, your stomach is upset then, no need to worry about it. Just take carom seeds and get relief from indigestion and acidity problem. It contains enzymes in it that, works to improve your digestive system and cure abdominal disorders.  You can add some carom seeds in your meal. If, you have acidity problem then, make a powder of carom seeds and add some ginger powder in it. Then, have it with warm water. Take it regularly to get rid of acidity problem fast.

  1. Cure respiratory problems:

The carom seeds are best to treat nasal blockage. It will help you to discharge mucus with ease and make breathing easy for you.  It works effectively on other problems like headache, migraine, asthma and cold. To solve such problems, you need to make a paste by mixing carom seeds and jaggery.  Take two tablespoon of this paste regularly to get best results.

  1. Best treatment for reducing tooth and ear pain:

Carom seeds are best solution to get relief from tooth and ear pain. For toothache, you need to mix one tablespoon of carom seeds with a pinch of salt and make a gargles of lukewarm water. While coming to ear pain, you need to add some carom seeds in the oil and heat it. Then, take a piece of cotton and put few drops of oil in your ear. It is guaranteed that, you will get amazing results within few minutes.

  1. Helps in reducing arthritis pain:

Carom seeds include antibiotic and anesthetic components in it that helps in reducing arthritis pain.  The antibiotic is responsible for reducing redness and combat inflammation as well. While the anesthetic component helps to minimize the pain at the joints and swelling. You need to make a paste of carom seeds and apply it on your joints or soak your legs in water by adding some carom seeds in it.

  1. Improve your sexual life:

Carom seeds help to solve your sexual disability. It works effectively for the problems such as premature ejaculation and low count of sperms. It will improve the count of sperms so, you need to make a habit to eat some carom seeds daily at night to reduce the sexual disability.


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