Top 5 easy and natural makeup video tutorials by pixiwoo

You can’t wear heavy and dark makeup all the time. It is great feeling to have natural and soft makeup look as shown in pixwoo makeup tutorials. In summer, avoid a lot of makeup and try to be natural and beautiful with these amazing top 5 makeup tutorials.

  1. Easy natural makeup tutorial:

Checkout the video to learn complete natural makeup by pixiwoo.


Watch video:



  1. Quick everyday easy makeup tutorial:

If, you are in hurry and want to reach somewhere on time and also want to look beautiful then, try this quick everyday easy makeup tutorial.


Watch video for complete instructions:



  1. Perfect Smokey eye makeup tutorial:

The combination of smokey eyes with glossy lip-gloss is enough to look gorgeous.


Watch video for complete instructions:



  1. Blake lively makeup look for the day:

You want to make your day by looking pretty then, try this pixiwoo look.


Watch video for complete instructions:


  1. Scarlett Johansson Glamour Makeup look by pixiwoo:

Love you pixiwoo for sharing this amazing makeup look. Must try it,


Watch video for complete instructions:





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