Top 5 tips on how to do perfect beach makeup

Summer is right here, that means it’s a time for enjoying on beaches and feels relaxed. However, with summer days on beach come makeup struggle. It is difficult to decide how to apply makeup before going to beach but, not now because here are the best top 5 tips on how to do perfect beach makeup. While, you having fun with your friends on beach your makeup is likely to melt and fade very quickly. To avoid such problems, you need to keep little things in your mind that is shared for you in this article.

  1. Try to avoid liquid makeup products:

Try to avoid liquid makeup products

Remember, you should try to avoid liquid makeup products like foundations.


  1. You should minimize your eye makeup:

You should minimize your eye makeup

The perfect eye makeup plays an important role to make a girl look attractive and beautiful. In hot weather at the beach, it is obvious that, your mascara and eyeliner smudge off. So, to prevent the fading, you should try to minimize your eye makeup. Don’t use too much mascara on your eyelashes; just curl them, to create a volume. The smudging eyeliner look so unattractive and can spoil your whole day so, it is better to apply eyeliner on your inner rim and waterline.


  1. Use waterproof products:

Use waterproof products

Try to buy waterproof products to get a good and beautiful day on beach.


  1. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen:

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen

Make it a habit to apply sunscreen; it will protect your skin from sun burn.


  1. Go for soft and light makeup:

Go for soft and light makeup

The Smokey eye makeup and other trendy makeup look is not for beach day out. So, try to do simple and soft makeup as shown in image above.


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