Top 5 tips on how to rock colored eyeliner

Colored eyeliner is trending nowadays. There are different colors of eyeliner available in the market like blue, green, golden, purple etc. If, you are bored with black eyeliner then, it’s a time to become more stylish and beautiful by applying colored eyeliner. In this article, you will get some amazing ideas to apply perfect eyeliner with different styles.

  1. You must use liquid eyeliner:

1.	You must use liquid eyeliner

You will get different colored eyeliner formulas from the market but if, you want to make your eyeliner stay beautifully for long hours then, you must spend money on liquid formula.


  1. Keep the rest of your look simple:

2.	Keep the rest of your look simple

If, you are applying colored eyeliner then, make it focal point of your look and don’t put dark lipstick with it. Try to keep the rest of your look simple. Avoid wearing outfits that, compliment your liner. You should make toned down hairstyle and chose only natural shades of lip and cheeks with colored eyeliner.


  1. Great idea to combine the color:

3.	Great idea to combine the color

It is great idea to combine colored eyeliner with natural black liner as shown in image above.  Remember, you should use pencil liner for this look because two liquid formula of different color can muddle together and spoil your eye makeup.


  1. Use dark shade of liner:

4.	Use dark shade of liner

If, you want bold look then, you can try darker shades of liner.


  1. Keep it close to your eye lashes:

5.	Keep it close to your eye lashes

Don’t create gap between the lashes. Try to apply it close to make your eyes look beautiful and attractive.


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